vendredi 14 avril 2017

McDonald’s Manager Arrested For Refunding $3,800 Worth Of Big Macs … To Herself

Each day, fast food managers around the world refund money to unhappy customers, but one burger-brained McDonald’s manager realized she could issue a fake refund for a Big Mac and pocket the money… Then she did it nearly 1,100 times.

Milwaukee Patch reports that a Wisconsin McDonald’s manager faces a felony theft charge after she was accused of stealing more than $3,800 from her employer.

According to a criminal complaint, for nearly two months the manager issued herself refunds for several Big Mac sandwiches during shifts.

The refunds, which ranged from $31 to $212 per transaction, were unusual for the location, which typically sees just a few dollars in refunds, another manager tells authorities.

In all, the woman allegedly returned 1,071 Big Macs for a total of $3,827.17.

After noticing the unusual refunds, the second manager reviewed surveillance tape that showed the woman authorizing refunds and taking money from the register when no customer was present.

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