jeudi 26 octobre 2017

Amazon Selling Discounted LG Phones, But You Have To See Ads All Day

Is a $50 discount on a new LG phone enough to offset having to look at ads everytime the device locks? That’s the question some Amazon customer are debating, as the company is offering to knock $50 off LG smartphones that show ads on the phone’s lock screen. 

Amazon announced the deal today, noting that it would be offered to members of its $99/year (or $10/month) Prime subscription service who purchase certain LG phones.

Discounts on the LG G6 and LG G6+ devices, as well as the LG Q6 and LG X charge phones vary.

For instance, Amazon currently advertises the LG G6 as costing $449.99. However, through the Prime Exclusive program, the phone shows an original price of $638 with a $238.01 discount, bringing the price of the phone to $399.99. The difference between the discounted phone and the non-discounted device is $50.

A current listing for the LG Q6 shows the price as $299.99. Through the Prime Exclusive program, customers receive a $70 discount, bringing the cost of the phone to $229.99.

Amazon has long sold discounted, ad-subsidized versions of its own Kindle and Kindle Fire e-readers and tablets. The company began using ads to subsidize the cost of third-party devices last year when it began offering the same discount on Android phones.

Though Amazon is offering this deal now, it will still be a few weeks until buyers get their new phones, as they aren’t being released until Nov. 9.

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