lundi 30 octobre 2017

GameStop Launching Video Game Rental Program With Unlimited Access To Pre-Owned Titles

In what sounds like the lovechild of a Blockbuster video store and Netflix’s DVD rental service, GameStop is launching a new video game rental program called PowerPass that gives customers unlimited access to used games.

PowerPass launches Nov. 19 and will cost $60 for six months of access to game rentals, GameStop confirmed to Consumerist.

Customers can chose from any pre-owned title in the store’s catalog, with no limits on how often they can swap games. After six months, they can choose one game to keep. It’s unclear whether the program will end entirely after six months or if will continue on; we’ve asked GameStop and will update this post if we receive an answer.

Whether you give PowerPass as a gift or buy it for yourself, whoever uses the service has to be a member of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program, which will be used to keep records of the games they check in and out. You can sign up for either a free or paid membership by creating an account on the retailer’s website.

(h/t GameRant)

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