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Caramel In Your Coffee Instead Of Vanilla Is Not A Reason To Assault A Dunkin’ Donuts Worker

Because we here at Consumerist want the world to be a place full of smooth sailing and breezy smiles all around, here is some actionable advice: If something is wrong with your order at Dunkin’ Donuts, or any other food establishment, the first thing to do is say, “Pardon me, but there appears to be a mistake. This isn’t what I ordered, could you please redo it?” Do not, under any circumstances, get violent.

That advice would have been lost on a couple accused of beating and pistol-whipping a Dunkin’ worker in Florida, all because a coffee order was apparently incorrect, reports The Smoking Gun.

According to the police report, the couple placed a drive-thru order at around 1 p.m. on afternoon, and realized later that the woman’s coffee had come with caramel instead of vanilla, like she wanted.

That’s when things went very wrong, say cops: The pair allegedly parked the car and went inside to speak to the manager. But instead, they encountered the worker who had handled their order. Things got heated, say police, and the woman reportedly begin assaulting the worker.

The husband is a security guard, and as such had a weapon on him, say cops — a loaded handgun which he’s accused of using to hit the worker with while his wife allegedly hit the employee.

The couple was arrested, with the husband ending up with an aggravated battery charge, a felony, and the wife receiving a charge of misdemeanor battery.

So let’s go through this again. Your order is wrong. Start with being polite and go from there, people. Because coffee is not worth a fight.

Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Beaten, Pistol-Whipped Over Botched Vanilla Coffee Order [The Smoking Gun]

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