jeudi 29 août 2013

Flying In A Plane Decked Out With Hello Kitty Stuff Is Either A Terrifying Or An Amazing Idea

Depending on where you fall on the Hello Kitty spectrum — “All those unblinking eyes terrify me” to “Yay yay yay Hello Kitty I love you, yay!” — this news will either be overwhelmingly scary or an unprecedented bit of magical, wonderful luck: The Taiwanese airline that already flies five-kitty themed planes around Asia is sending a flight from Taipei to Los Angeles three times a week starting Sept. 18, chock full of Hello Kittyness.

EVA Air doesn’t have pics of the new American-bound planes decorated with Sanrio’s popular cartoon cat, but it’s likely that the B&&& planes will look a lot like the ones it already has, notes CNN. You can click on EVA’s site to get an idea, but be warned of the auto music that will pump out of your speakers upon landing there.

Europe will probably get its chance soon, too, allowing the entire world to be outfitted with Hello Kitty inside the plane, in the cabin, and on the flight attendants’ outfits as well. You’ll blow your nose on Hello Kitty tissue, seeing her face on bags of snacks and buying duty free booze emblazoned with her image.

It’ll be like if Hello Kitty threw up rainbows and delight all over your flight, essentially.

Hello Kitty, world’s cutest planes head to the U.S. [CNN]

via Consumerist

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